A comprehensive 2012 study conducted by Nielsen Online revealed that more than one-third of the world’s population — more than 2.4 billion of Earth’s 7 billion people — use the internet on a regular basis. This reflects a tremendous 566 percent jump from year 2000’s worldwide internet usage figure of approximately 360 million!

This makes online marketing one of the most effective, fastest-growing, yet affordable marketing approaches.

Online marketing encompasses a number of different techniques, strategies and mediums, which means it’s extremely versatile and customisable. Let’s examine a few of the most popular online marketing techniques.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and one of the most affordable online marketing approaches. Newsletters and updates are a “soft sell” approach, whereas more promotional emails with offers, discounts and advertisements make for a more aggressive marketing campaign.

Like most forms of online marketing, email marketing can be tailored to your specific niche, audience and campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Page Views (PPM) and Display Advertising

Online advertisements are another popular form of online marketing. There are dozens of different ad programs like AdSense/AdWords, AdBrite, Chitika, InfoLinks and beyond!

Online adverts come in many different forms, from plain text, to traditional graphic adverts to video ads. PPC advertising programs, you pay each time someone clicks on the advert. With PPM advertising, you’re charged per each thousand page views. (The “M” in “PPM” is the Roman Numeral for 1,000). And more traditional display advertising programs involve purchasing ad space by the day, week or month.

Online ads are quite powerful, as in most cases, a contextual advertising approach is utilised. This means an advertisement for pet food will appear on pet-related websites. This precise targeting makes advertising an extremely powerful online marketing approach.

Blogging and Articles

Many online marketers utilize articles and blogging platforms. Blog guest posts and sponsored posts are extremely effective online marketing methods, especially if the blog where you’re posting has a well-established readership. Informative articles and promotional marketing content alike serve to pull in potential clients and customers (this approach is sometimes called “inbound marketing.”) Content can take many forms, from press releases to “squeeze pages” to niche websites and beyond.